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Hi my name is Stephanie Monroe from London, UK.
I am a part time Tgirl. I have come to accept my gift as we like to call it. I just feel more happy and comfortable dressed as a Girl. I am straight which a lot of people presume that Tgirls are gay / bi interested in men. But the majority of Tgirls I have met or chatted to have said that they were straight.
In my spare time I do a bit of modelling and going out dressed to meet up with others Tgirls, for a girlie chat, shopping or going for a meal, nightclub or drink
I believe everyone has the right to be who they want to be without prejudice and intolerance, and should not be alienated because of their race, sexuality or the way they look or dress, there is no such thing as normal; every one of us is different and special. If we are all the same how sad and boring are world would be.

My favourite quote "You laugh at me because I am different; I laugh at you because you are all the same"
I have always thought I was different from an early age but could not understand why. Being born a boy did what any normal boy does. But I really wanted to play with the girls and do girl things. When I was about 7, I used to play with 2 girls in our street. Well one day we got to play dress up. Well they dressed me in a pretty dress and heels and I just loved it. It was not until I was about 13 that I started to dress in secret dressing in my mother's clothes and putting on makeup. Throughout my life I have gone through stages of dressing and purging, but in the last two years the urge to become a woman has been very strong. I came out to my family at Christmas 2009, it was not until September 2010 that Stephanie stepped out in to the world and I have not stopped since. I feel very comfortable walking around London and travelling on public transport, during the day or night.
I have seen my doctor and a consultant psychiatrist about transitioning and have been referred to Charing Cross Hospital and my first appointment is in February 2012.

I have two close friends who have helped Stephanie grow as a person and would like to say a special thank you to Gillian and Ann
I love dressing and posing for the camera, I do it for fun and love to play up to the camera and flirt a little, I hope you like my photos and enjoy them as much as I did posing for them.

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For the record, My photos are an extension of my femininity, I try to show all aspects of it. From everyday woman's wear to fantasy. and I have great fun doing it. It is not a fetish, and I don't get off on it. I have a keen interest in fashion and like to experiment with different looks.

Due to a cruel fate of nature I was born with the soul of a girl trapped in a male body and have struggled and suppressed this throughout my life. It has been only in the last three years that I have come to terms and accepted my femininity. I have become a better and more caring person and have never been happier. My only regret is that circumstances and obstacles prevent me from transitioning and becoming a real woman. I am proud to be Transgender and I support the LGBT community in there struggle to be accepted and to be able to live their lives without fear and persecution. I support gay marriage and see nothing wrong with people of the same gender loving each other. Love is love and comes in many forms, who are we to judge on who can and can not marry.
To those of you who recite from religious scriptures and spew hate and want to persecute and even have us killed in the name of your Gods. Does it not say thou shell not kill.
Matthew 5:44
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;.
It's easy to spout scriptures bending it to your way of thinking. Religious scriptures were written by men for there own selfish reasons. My God is compassionate and caring, I don't believe in a God that treats woman as 3rd class citizens and does not renounce slavery. I do not follow a God who is vengeful and spews hate. It's so easy to attack vulnerable targets and blame them for all the ills in the world.. If all religious faiths pored all there energy in to making the world a safer place, helping to prevent poverty, starvation and persecution instead of being in conflict with each other the world would be a better place. The biggest evil and one of the biggest reasons we have overpopulation which is the main cause of poverty and hunger is the Pope's stance on condoms. apart from humans having to many children and causing food shortages. It also prevents the spread of sexually transmitted and deadly diseases. Millions of pounds worth of aid is wasted by corruption never getting to where it's most needed. This money would be far better spent on infrastructure and promoting a better way of life. Religion has caused wars, misery and hardship through out history it's is time that all faiths come together and resolve there differences and heal the world. Love, compassion, understanding and aiding all races of man should be there goal. There should be no place for hate & persecution . God loves all his children he made us the way we are. To hate and persecute Gods creations, is going against your own God. So do not judge others by your own standards only God can

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